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               A Native of Chicago, Illinois, Sherry Spellers has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years. She has owned and operated Amour Salon & Suites, located on E. 43rd St. in the heart of Chicago Bronzville area since 1998. Her resume is not only a testimony to her skills as a Hairstylist but also bears witness  to her entrepreneurial prowess. Mrs. spellers has produced several Successful hair shows over the years. The first being a Christmas Hair and fashion show at the taste of Chicago Nightclub, located on the South Side of Chicago, in the early 90's. Since then she has produced, modeled and performed in shows in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Florida and California. Mrs. Spellers has been featured in numerous magazines and publications, including the Chicago Defender, Black Hair Sophisticates, Chicago-Salon and Salon Sense magazines.


               Mrs. Spellers opened Amour Salon and Suites in 1998.

. At the time she was viewed as a true pioneer. 650 E. 43rd St. was an area reviewed as undesirable to say the lest. The area had not yet developed into the "Historic Bronzville" area but it is today. Many felt that it would be to daunting a project for a young black woman to undertake alone. Few believed that she would be able to operate the Business long enough to enjoy the areas transformation. Indeed, she was faced with numerous obstacles. However, through it all she was able to develop and grow a successful business. When asked how she's been able to remain So successful , she humbly replies, "by providing a quality, professional service, respecting and being fair to her patrons and having an unwavering faith in God." With this type of attitude and character it's not hard to understand how Amour Salon has obtained and attracted such a large devoted clientele.


Not only has Mrs. Spellers proven her aptitude as a shrewd business woman, she demonstrates her side by constantly finding ways to give back to the community. Throughout her career Mrs. Spellers has donated her time, energy and resources to a variety of endeavors designed to uplift and educate. Everything from serving the homeless, to providing free hairstyles to displaced woman, to mentoring young aspiring entrepreneurs, Mrs. Spellers has done it all.

My Story

My Story

My Love for Hair began when I was 7 years old. Growing up I loved trying different hairstyles on my dolls. At the age 10 I had my first relaxer, but it was too strong, which led to my hair falling out. My aunt was the only one that would let me do her hair when no one else would. It gave me the confidence to explore my love for hair .

I know how it feels to not be happy with my hair .I attended Pivot Point in 1989, I really enjoyed cosmetology school.

I worked for several salons, I contracted work for Catholic Charities, Forever Free, Recovery Home, & Abraham Lincoln Center.

There were many competitions held that I competed in amongst other talented hairstylists.

When I worked in different salons there were things I did not like. I knew

there was only so much that I could take.

My lasted project was working with the youth at Phillips high school with Centers For The New Horizon(After School Matters). I taught young ladies about hair and fashion.

For the last 4 years I have partnered with One Summer Chicago and it's been great. I hire young people to help with marketing and running a business. My goal is to be more successful, build a bigger & better shop, get more clients, & Keep every customer happy!

My Mom & I May Her Soul Rest In Peace

My aunt who was my very first client

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